New ideas and new promotion comprehensive analysis of their website

first of all we have to understand what is off the guest off the meaning of the site:


" is the meaning of anatomy, which means to reveal the inner and deep things of the affairs by uncovering the things that are displayed.

"split" also has the meaning of dismantling, through dismantling, to show the composition of the various branches and components.

"guest" is referred to as a network world with the same action and interest groups, such as blogs, wikis, Witkey, passengers, and fight off ofshare etc..

"profile" is a new concept and new ideas, which means love reveal and study of internal affairs, with curiosity and sense of curiosity, and love network and show themselves through the network of people.

split off network is a network of social networking platform, is a picture sharing community, the main content of the picture, combined with text and a small amount of video, is split off to show their own platform. But what is the content of the picture?

the world, can be divided into two parts, one is the packaging of the world is a packaging layer below the world, namely "inside" and "outside", "cutting" to show to the audience, is the "inside the world", all things in the world can be dissected and disassembled, "profile" is a show business internal structure of the website.

"profile" of the basic content, can be divided into two parts, one is not part of the show business factors, all inside, to attract popular content, two is through cooperation with the business, a product evaluation purpose of organizational anatomical parts, this part is with the commercial nature of the content.

is also a consumer advocacy and public relations, advertising and public relations if the purpose is too obvious, the effect may be reduced if the advertising content and other common content is mixed and intertwined, and is released by ordinary individuals or units, its value is higher than the advertising behavior normal, because in the consumer purchase decision, the people around, family, relatives and friends will play a decisive role, at the same time, have the same kind of goods the consumer sentiment will swing to effect on the purchase of the goods to the consumer, "the second part profile" so, its commercial value is.

"split off network" of the content of the source, the site itself as a subsidiary, with the majority of users that is "off the guest" strategy. Through the positive guidance and publicity of the website itself, give full play to the enthusiasm of users, through them to provide pictures to practice the "split off" behavior, to explore the world.

3 "split off network" content features

first, the website is shown we have never seen things, these things are in our everyday life are likely to come into contact with; secondly, it meets people’s curiosity and novelty, to meet the people of the unknown desire; third, it.

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