Station to promote the flow of exchange refinement (under)

this article in fact the original text has been written for a long time, but has not been published, because it was originally written for the Department colleagues to share experience, so that new colleagues can easily operate. The flow of a large number of exchange sites have also been used, if the ultimate, allowing the site to increase a lot of traffic out of thin air. 2W change 4W, 10W change 20W, proved to be possible. It was also found that although the flow effect is very good, but the user precipitation rate is not high, so want to stabilize the long-term development of the site, it is not recommended to use this method. Some rely solely on the number of IP earn advertising entertainment website or can try.

I would like to explain to you, I share this article, and is not to tell you, how to promote the flow of exchange, how much traffic can be added to the site. Because this is an old means of promotion, many people know. I used to promote the method of writing a lot of articles, but the details of the practice to write very little. In fact, know or understand a promotion method is very simple, can do a good job, the key is the details of the actual operation. Because the original text of this article is to share the document, so I am more than the previous article to promote the writing of more details on the operation. I can think of almost all the details to write more clearly, that is a set of processes for BD cooperation. The first is that some people avoid reading, sniff at said: "no is traffic exchange, uncle play too early."

I took the A site as an example to share with you, I do some of the practical experience of exchange swap. Previously published on the Internet has been a website to promote the flow of exchange refinement (on), but that article is to promote the promotion of some of the surface of things, although the way to speak a lot, in fact, is not practical. Because I wrote the article, I have not done anything in the following article. In order to facilitate the release, I made a detailed modification of the original.

A: how to choose a suitable partner

A website is an entertainment based user site, so we choose partners, we must first clear what the most suitable for the exchange of the site. Do not blindly look for what the site, the final effort to talk about cooperation, it was found that the actual effect than the other party’s commitment to a lot of poor, do a lot of white.

1: entertainment site

such as potato net fans net pure entertainment nature of the site, we are more entertainment website, the user counterparts, the content is close to the exchange of traffic easier.

2: the comprehensive nature of the site

For example,

net CILU such cooperation website, this website has more serious content, also has the entertainment version of the area can be selectively interchangeable.

3: requirements for site ranking

because we are 5000IP Exchange started, so the partner’s ALEXA ranking can not be less than 5W (there are individual sites, traffic is very high)

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