The construction site of the ten highly educated people.

as a new breed of Dr. Chinese, want to leave some in their after death to society what, so he built a highly educated people of the site, and named a competitive "Dr. tribe". For a year and a half, small gains, such as the forum registration number reached more than 40 thousand people, 30 thousand people daily visits etc..

seemingly easy success, not in a time of Everything is going smoothly., called into the errors and correcting errors in the difficult climb. Today, borrow behind this platform, out to share with you, hope to put the field of caution, to the following error:

1 only concerned about the increase in the number of registered, do not care about the quality of membership. I have done a statistical, my website in more than 12 thousand, there are 10000 people more than 1 months without landing, but only a few hundred people posted more than 5. Thus, it is not difficult to understand why some people have registered 100 thousand of the forum, every day only hundreds of posts, or although there are thousands of posts, but for many "good, thank you" flat and uninteresting post. Enthusiastic member training, seems to be more important than attract new members, because the excellent website does not depend on the amount of silence account to support, but by a small amount of active members and support.

2 relies on data to attract members, not to attract people. Although highly educated members need information, but the amount of time to download data in an academic staff can account for the proportion of how much? Anyway, I do not have a month before the site, the data. The data can only attract a favor, in order to attract a world, rely on to keep people’s hearts, not by limiting data download, forcing members to keep global. Therefore, I decree moderators given more attention to enthusiastic member, and establish more than and 30 QQ group to strengthen with the outstanding members of the contact on the "friendship" to hold the enthusiastic member.

3 for immediate benefits, join the advertising alliance. The academic forum is clean, elegant features, some indecent advertising, destroyed the site atmosphere. For example, some teachers want to use the site’s posts in the classroom, he had to download or copy down, because the content of the ad is not suitable for class. In order to covet tens of millions of dollars a day, and destroy the atmosphere of the forum, it is not worth it.

4 core team instability, the main team is not strong. Recently, a few more influential forums suddenly collapsed, the problem is basically on the team. At present, most of the core team academic forum in academic reading, first of all to face one after graduation Gebendongxi impact, followed by the students is difficult to form a system of decision-making level. At the same time, the academic staff as the moderator of desire is not strong, so the vast majority of the forum moderator team management is very loose and weak. Site by popular, and the popularity of the management team to gather. The team is so lack of combat, the result is doomed to failure.

5 access to illegal means of information, members despised. At present, many academic websites rely on

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