nventory of those gray areas of virtual operators play


[core tip] in the virtual operators of the regular army has not yet started, the civil guerrilla has played a variety of tricks.

in May this year, the Ministry issued on the launch of mobile communications resale business pilot notice, opened the year after the beginning of the reform of virtual operators concern. In late October, there was news that 31 of the organization has passed the first instance of the operator, the initial access to virtual operators license qualification.

virtual operators, refers to those who do not have a basic network and telecom operators or telecom value-added business. They use the basic telecom operators network facilities or products, the business will be refined, personalized, through the business agent or distribution, etc., to provide users with a variety of value-added telecommunications services. For example, if the Tencent obtained a virtual operator qualification, then we have the possibility to call someone else’s phone number QQ to achieve the call.

The core business of

virtual operators is the resale of communication resources infrastructure operators, although the regulations just to clear, but with similar products or services already bear fruit. In the virtual operators of the "regular army" has not yet started on the occasion, the guerrillas have played a lot of tricks.

network phone

network phone, also known as VOIP phone, is the direct call to the other side of the fixed telephone and mobile phone via the Internet, the tariff is only 10% of the traditional call costs of up to 20%.

network telephone is generally divided into two kinds. One is the hardware phone, it needs a voice gateway, the gateway side received the router, the other side received the ordinary telephone, then Mandarin machine can directly through the network free breath. A few years ago, all over the streets of the IP phone booth is the use of relatively cheap call tariff popular. But in recent years, with the decline in communication tariffs and the popularity of mobile phones, IP phones have lost the scenery.

is another kind of Internet phone software call is to download the software on the computer network, and then buy a phone card, and then through the implementation of the headset and the other call. The most famous of which is Skype, but this legitimate services abroad to China has become an illegal business, Microsoft had to cooperate with TOM to develop in mainland china.


search in Baidu free Internet phone, you can see Ali pass, KC, UUCall, a variety of products, such as letters, in a variety of download stations, forums, there are also some of their shadow. They are free or very low cost gimmick to attract a lot of users, but has been wandering in the gray area of the law. There are two kinds of people who use the Internet phone: call domestic and international long-distance calls; the other is a variety of telemarketing, spam messages and even telephone fraud, because the network

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