Dream of Qinhuai how the nternet to change social productivity

[material] 1, the network economy is the basis of other new productivity, the Internet is the most advanced production tools (author: Yang Bingzhi)

according to a recent research shows that enterprises in the use of Internet business solutions, the average revenue growth of up to 10%, the U.S. companies therefore has accumulated savings of up to $about 150000000000, equivalent to every wages could raise $3500; estimates from 2001 to 2011, the Internet business solutions is expected to drive the United States 40% more productive.

2, Wang Zhidong believes that the future of the Internet plays a role in people’s lives, will be more like electricity and steam engines play a role, further development of the Internet will become a kind of productive engine, it will eventually penetrated into various industries in various fields.

large sites often face the embarrassment of this thing, I do not know how to say clearly how the country government on internet. Even a large proportion of the cost of advertising, so that some of the corrupt government agencies will be the new economy as a traditional advertising industry, the application of high-tech enterprises, such as the complex.

at the same time, we should also reflect on: our website provides what kind of service? How many Internet play value? Must ponder, the Internet to boost productivity, where a knowledge revolution of human wisdom is not the basic encyclopedia, but knowledge and knowledge of the group. The Internet has become the best carrier of wisdom, the integration of the whole society of knowledge, to provide an interactive media. This is the great role of the Internet in the development of human wisdom.

the Internet makes the human knowledge flat, knowledge is no longer a private product, advanced technology, products and production methods of information diffusion speed has hitherto unknown, in every corner of the Internet in-depth coverage.

once, in our childhood, always think big dictionary contains lots of knowledge, large print full text book is knowledge. However, many archaeological finds have text annihilation of civilization: India civilization, China Liao culture etc.. The existence of these words is almost completely interrupted civilization, we ponder that the text is not civilization, knowledge must have a symbol system (text), with the carrier (society). Social interaction of the knowledge base, the people through the Internet for information and communication, to convey information, experience, and even experience, the Internet has become a living book of vitality, the human body of wisdom. As in the movie "Afanda" in the planet of all living creatures can be connected to the wisdom of communication, Pandora. No level, flat, each unit can be directly connected. In this vector, the dictionary is not a simple text, but a social dictionary, such as Wikipedia.

technology in the field of the last empire Microsoft was a humble name Linux stupid penguins beat. Sharing software represented by the open, sharing technology socialization grassroots. Once the new technology such as mercury tells, instantly into every corner of social wisdom. For >

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