Dear brother, brother help!!

            my big brother, brother is in the NanJing Railway Station station network 5  25 opening station! By now, the number of registration is poor, I do not have to register before you can see the article.

            but I waited a few days after the submission of Baidu, and finally saw Baidu included 21 pages, the thought of a few days will be included in the multi-point! But after two days there was no page! Now just some friends and some loyal Webmaster Help me to maintain, I began to get better able to attract people to master useful columns to the service station, but is now Baidu T, I really do not have a little faith, really do not know how to do, I want to this website to do it, I hope that the big brother big sister to brother.

              Nanjing stationmaster net is hard to do! I don’t want to see him just started by the T network under the stage, I did a lot of the station before, but not how to map now King for giving me this chance, I don’t want to lose him, so sorry sorry figure king also support me, from two years ago to the present station website! Finally, there is a proud website..

              brothers and sisters brother, I am not to pull the traffic, I just sincerely beg everybody can help me how to solve how to do later by Baidu T! The development of the target web site later, and the old webmaster experience, I can teach, not Baidu’s website, so there is no sense of hope, the administrator can through this article? Save the boy!!! What is the big brother big sister to brother!

                  QQ 5277096


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