Why is your advertising money and effort, the result is not good

some small company hopes to do a round of promotion of soft paper, play a word ads once a year back. But according to my understanding of the enterprises and individuals, many are thinking of doing the advertising, do a promotion today, tomorrow will be able to see the effect, if no effect is not done, then change a strategy, which has been the contradiction between the enterprise management and operation staff.

advertising campaigns need to be repeated, if you have the ability to keep advertising 365 days a year, it is best. But the fact is impossible, most companies can not afford this consumption, and even if the money will focus on research in a certain period of time publicity. In any case, do publicity, advertising needs to be repeated many times, repeated regularly, appropriate to repeat your advertising and promotion, to maintain a certain exposure rate. The higher the concentration of advertising, the better the effect.


a person for the first time to see an ad, and did not see the same.

saw the ad for the second time, he didn’t notice.

third times, he realized it was there.

fourth times, he vaguely remembered where he had seen.

fifth times, he will read the ad.

sixth times, he sniff at it.

seventh times, he looked at it and said, "what a nuisance!"

eighth times, he said: "this is the hate ads!"

ninth, he began to wonder whether this thing is worth.

tenth times, he felt he should ask his friend if he had used the product.

eleventh times, he thought the product might have some value.

twelfth times, he thought it must be a good product.

thirteenth times, he thought himself of this product has been looking forward to.

fourteenth times, he felt very worried because the product was too expensive for him to buy.

fifteenth times, he felt he would buy this product in the future.

sixteenth times, he began to hate his pocket shy.

seventeenth times, he counted his money.

eighteenth times, he saw the ad, immediately bought the product.

to do promotion marketing is such, your name, your products, your ads repeatedly seen by others, they will remember you, a lot of users to buy this product and not because I feel good, but remember there is such a product, there are a lot of time to do self media personal brand, people think you a cow is also because I often see you there, he remembered you.

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