From the literary piece do cherish network marketing

, in a solemn pledge of love crape myrtle Erkang, write a letter to a copy of the Tang and song lyrics, like a. No, no marketing piece now.


the best piece pollution point, the government will have a contrast with "adorable, ten spring, as you sleep" humor.

nothing is good or bad, there is an era of an era of "culture" (volume, this can really be called culture?), when people better this in public, network marketing has also been got on the express train, together with the masses "integrity hurried away".

West, the spirit of "benevolence" Datang ladies purchasing "juice mask"…… Equal to anything the sundasheng back: "on the United States duty-free shops on the line"……

The classic story of

into purchasing and supplier for having heard it many times the most down to earth.

Tmall, very elegant "mood" fragment, a cheongsam elegant woman, red wine with hesitation, "I always fantasy, there is always a light and bright for me, quietly opened the door, a handsome man like Tony Leung’s debut, four men relatively gentle. With the dark eyes of sudden turn funny than the style:" do you want to have a refrigerator, then take the computer, God would have bought cat……

excuse me, there is no GET to bursting point, but finally understand this era, we are easy to remember: a piece of marketing intelligence to complete the marketing God turning more down to earth, connected with the myths and legends or fairy tale dream and elegant……

two common ways of marketing in which


the original story already has enough user base, the original story has established the classic mode, new stories are made "but very injured all over the body, with the advertising purpose and current era scene.

scripts why popular?

social needs from the new social scene. The first is to highlight the personal humor and wit, and the era of the Internet to focus on humor and wit, and become transparent, it becomes easier to learn.

is a shy man of friends once said: "social is not so difficult, you learn a new piece of network is good, understand, will be on the line." Satin has become an essential part of social cheerful.


can deeply all the life circle piece, plus advertising piece characteristics, is naturally more easily accepted and fusion.


no scripts, no marketing.

away from the literature, the best to stay away from the false art, but when the fake art is true except when the piece is rising.

when the "art" is more of the crown by "hypocritical" and "nonsense" meaning, pull the melancholy of course not "interesting" piece is delightful.

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