The first session of the anti piracy alliance litigation Youku was sentenced to infringement compens

November 27th morning news, network video anti piracy alliance in September the first batch of large-scale litigation Youku infringement trial. According to the friend bullock CEO assistant Zhu Jiang said, Beijing Haidian court support Property Tribunal after the trial judge infringement judgment to Youku, Youku anti piracy Alliance launched one of the excellent friends Bullock compensation 450 thousand yuan.

Zhu Jiang said, since September this year, excited net friend bullock and Sohu jointly formed the "Chinese video network video anti piracy Alliance announced Youku launched a massive lawsuit after the anti piracy alliance members were sued, currently 289 for infringement case.

yesterday is this series of trial proceedings for the prosecution of the friend Bullock case trial involving 47 violations, but also anti piracy alliance series of action first trial results. Zhu Jiang said, the friend Bullock sued infringement of the second batch of Youku recently will continue to hear the case, excited net prosecution in the near future will also have the result.

Zhu Jiang said yesterday, the court argued that Youku videos are uploaded and questioned the friend Bullock lawsuit qualification, "but the court finds that the facts are clear and irrefutable evidence of infringement of Youku, Youku judgment compensation friend Bullock 450 thousand yuan in accordance with the law, and bear all the litigation costs."

September anti piracy copyright Alliance announced a joint prosecution Youku 503 violations, the cumulative maximum claims will reach $100 million. It is worth noting that in the anti piracy alliance lawsuits, Coca-Cola’s brand meizhiyuan and Pepsi also appear in the list of defendants, attracted widespread attention.

According to Zhu Jiang

, the friend Bullock hopes the company added Coca-Cola advertising agency for the defendant, so it relates to Pepsi Cola and mzy cases not hearing.

for the anti piracy copyright alliance litigation offensive, Youku had also fought back, one of the parties to the Sohu filed a lawsuit on the right of reputation and copyright. Then the anti piracy copyright Alliance launched a second round of joint action Youku, Youku responded that it was a boring war of words".

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