F group Tencent mergers and acquisitions will emerge Gaopeng Baotuan value

F group and high friend merger settled, according to sources, the two sides have set up a new Group Holding Companies, F group CEO lin ning as the new company CEO.

The specific arrangements for the company is:

combined with F group and high friend will exist as different location independent sub brand, and retain their own domain name, Gaopeng will mainly showed partial high-end local goods or services, the F group is focusing on ordinary users.

but it is worth noting that, although the two sides retain two brands, but the sales team will be integrated into a unified sales department.

this is the first acquisition of group purchase industry, F group, friends behind joint investment Tencent is seen as the driving force behind the market, but were poor performance of F group and high friend network, while struggling to promote sales, while also busy integration problems, "Baotuan" really can have a value of


Tencent will

Gao Peng is by Tencent, Groupon, Yunfeng fund three companies jointly funded the establishment of a specific three party investment ratio has not been disclosed, but by the high internal staff revealed that the Tencent for the actual controlling party of friends.

About the reasons why the failure of

has a lot of discussion, in the opinion of the staff, although the Tencent in the holding position, but the Groupon as a major shareholder is also very strong, control and management right is the core problem of The climate does not suit one.

"both sides don’t trust managers in the field of communication, both sides are relatively strong into each other, leading to a series of internal chaos." The above staff said. For Tencent, there are two investment through the control of the F group, if the merger on the one hand to strengthen the control and management, on the other hand it can reduce unnecessary waste of resources.

, according to media reports, after the merger of Tencent stake will increase to 50%, other investors, Yun Feng Groupon’s fund will also go into a new company, but the shares will be diluted.

group purchase industry pointed out that, although the F group has been like the other group purchase website fortune, but obvious to people Gaopeng’s spending, and before the merger of the huge loss of facts, will aggravate the financial burden of F group. At the same time, both to the line has been negative news constantly, from selling to cheat customer service disputes, resulting in poor brand image, and brand image will affect the F group.

F group is willing to take this "mess" Gaopeng? F group from the beginning to the end without external position, according to sources, even the news public relations firm disclosure to the media, also arranged by Tencent.

F group to accept such an unreasonable merger, indicating that the team’s right to speak is weak, Tencent is the burden of internal behavior." Said the industry group said.

1+1 can be greater than 2

for the F group, since be mergers and acquisitions will need to face a high.

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