Participate in a large survey on the digital habits of private renters in Croatia

first_imgThe conference, a hackathon through which innovative business-technological solutions for Croatian private renters will be found, and a multitude of tips for renters themselves, who face the challenges of modern tourism, gather under one roof, the project Digital renters organized by the portal Netocracy. As an introduction to the wider story and to identify the sore points, but the benefits of technological advances in the tourism sector of private rental accommodation in Croatia, a comprehensive survey is being launched for all those involved in rental accommodation.How do renters in Croatia breathe?Today, it is not necessary to emphasize that tourism is one of the most important items of Croatian GDP, with a share of more than 18%, and private accommodation in such a system leads in the total number of tourist nights. However, at the same time, it contains great potential for further development – more efficient business, rising prices and a higher occupancy rate, all with the help of modern technologies.That’s why it’s running Research in which more will be learned about ways in which Croatian renters use digital tools, such as those for managing guest reservations, advertising on social networks or for administration, but also digital platforms, like Airbnb and Booking. With this, we want to check the level of digitalization of Croatian private renters, but also the challenges that plague them in placing accommodation on the (digital) market.The aim of the project is to create a “blood picture” of private accommodation renters in Croatia, identify trends and room for improvement, so that renters can improve their business, but also other stakeholders in the tourism system create better and more customized products for renters.Digital renters: Tips, research, hackathon, conference!The Digital Renters initiative was supported by industry experts, including Emanuel Tutek of Horwath HTL, a global leader in hotel consulting.Platforms and channels such as Airbnb and are followed by a large number of similar ones, and software solutions such as channel i reservation management systems that make it significantly easier for renters to keep up with the times and improve their business. Such solutions are already widely used around the world, and we have an excellent example of Rentli in Croatia, which has shown that our minds oriented towards the right vision can make a top product with top results.”Get involved in the research!To get renters involved in the survey, just go to the following link:  Anyone who completes the survey will receive an email address a free ebook (digital book) containing the best tips and articles published in the section Digital renters.last_img

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