Lefty you want fame!

yesterday in the QQ chat with people, talk about the rise, he told me a famous expert to create a group, I was dancing with joy, in the old keyboard in his group, 48******, I made 3 requests in the past, I did not care, I never made a few past we, by refusing to talk, I said: I have an idea who will not speak and reveal the secret. He said: there is no idea can enter. I like a bolt from the blue, I have to accept the reality, is not known. I give up and join the group, but go to the brick into his QQ, but joined, but never talked with No.

last night I thought for a long time, finally I want to create fame, greatly discerning and apprehending, what is my plan:

, using circuitous tactics: I also can be long, want to enter the entertainment circle is no problem, but in the three line, so I want to marry immediately the fire lotus. Once the network people know me, my name: southpaws.

two, I have been not smart, recently said on the Internet: left-handed smart. I had to do my right hand to get rid of, can be called the right and proper southpaws. Really useful, under a prediction: southpaws individual stationmaster is reduced, and the amazing article.

three, with the webmaster and IT writers engage in gossip, I am the master station fly brother, Chinese webmaster fox classmates, webmaster network King’s son, laggards fish apprentice. All of a sudden in the circle of fame, 2008 rookie of the year award is not southpaws.

four, spend huge amounts of money hit advertising, absolutely famous. I have to do the Gunners to each big Adsense network, so now the money is not a problem, at least 10 figure income, most people I do not tell you.

thank you can see the end of the article, say something of a philosophy: chat with somebody, you will harvest? You chat with people who have ideas, you have to harvest? Of course is with me the idea of people only harvest, so I will not do so out of the above article. We do not imitate, such as an accident, I don’t care. Want to make people with ideas QQ number: 123995998.

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