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A5 ( station network July 7th news release, "Yu Ebao running an anniversary data report" in 1 days this month, Celestica fund, the "report" revealed the latest data of the balance of treasure: as of June 30, 2014, the balance of treasure scale reached 574 billion 160 million yuan, becoming the world’s fourth largest, China fund in scale.  

Celestica Fund released the "report" shows that the balance of treasure products innovation stage will highlight open around new consumer balance treasure of the scene. Balance treasure function will not be limited to a product, but the establishment of a balance to meet the needs of users of the ecological system balance.

as the first Internet Monetary Fund was established in June 13, 2013, the balance of treasure leading the wave of Internet financial innovation, many baby have been born; and Celestica fund is by virtue of the balance of treasure beyond the southern fund to become the new fund boss". The balance of treasure seems to have been the emperor to the nobility of spirit, with a low threshold, high return and high liquidity to increase the scale, and it has been able to emerge and develop rapidly, it is because of doing the right thing at the right time.

balance treasure growth due to the outbreak of the right time. The balance of treasure on the line just to catch up with the bank to make money shortage, a special environment for the balance of treasure to obtain a high short-term market interest rates, and thus attracted a lot of attention.

however, in May this year, 7 days annual yield fell below 5% of the balance of treasure. Celestica Fund recently released data show that the balance of treasure in May 11th 7 annual rate of return of 4.985%, for the first time fell below the rate of 5%, and again fell to 12 on the same day, is the world’s seventh consecutive decline. In fact, from the beginning of this year, the balance of treasure yields have to go downhill, it reached 6.74% in January 1st 7 annual yield even, and the January return in more than 6.2%, far more than the financial performance, unlimited scenery. Yet its yield has fallen by 31%.

, however, for the annual yield of 4%, the industry is generally estimated to be normal. Hong Yuan Securities Research Institute deputy director Yi Huanhuan said that the large-scale Monetary Fund for security reasons, it will raise the reserve ratio to ensure liquidity, the yield is difficult to fluctuate significantly, the balance of treasure of long-term yields will stabilize at 3% – 4%.

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