Listen To Phish’s Glorious 38-Minute Version Of “46 Days” From Limestone 2003

first_imgA beloved jam vehicle for Phish in the 2000’s, the Round Room track “46 Days” is always emphatically met with cheers whenever placed in a setlist. Whether it is a short-but-sweet jam in the first set or an extended space-funk odyssey in the second half, “46 Days” never fails to incite an energetic response from the fans.The song made its debut on Saturday Night Live in 2002, as Phish tested the track on national television before performing it at a show. While the first few live renditions were certainly well-received, all bets were off during the song’s sixth appearance at the IT Festival. On August 3rd of 2003, Phish took “46 Days” to new cosmic heights as the opening of the third set, giving the song a full-fledged marathon jam that clocked in at 38:30.The “Jam Chart” annotation does perhaps the best job of succinctly describing this epic display. “Haunting, thrumming, mind blowing, and masterful. The band wastes little time departing from “46 Days” and descends into an underworld soundscape filled with all sorts of chilling effects, eerie sounds and more. After nearly 20 minutes of deep exploration, the band resurfaces with 15 minutes of (appropriately) low intensity, more musically oriented improvisation, and ultimately finishes off “46 Days” in the closing minutes.”Feast your ears, below. If you’re attending Phish’s New Year’s run at Madison Square Garden, there are plenty of concerts to attend during the in-between. For fans of the jam, head to any of these shows in the area for a guaranteed good time!12/28: Aqueous + Mungion @ DROM (Phish After-Party) – tickets 12/30: PhanArt w/ Formula 5 @ American Beauty (Phish After-Party) – FREE SHOW 12/30-31: Spafford & Magic Beans @ American Beauty (Phish After-Party) – ticketslast_img

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