Baidu responded will seriously deal with violations and offline illegal customers

reports for a few days, strongly questioned the community today, Baidu Inc for the first time on the CCTV financial channel, the existence of illegal marketing reports about Baidu Inc, Baidu Inc responded, said in response, recently, CCTV financial channel reported, Baidu Hebei agents an employee seriously violates the examination system, intentionally guide customers avoid illegal sales Baidu’s sales staff, individual branch deregulation, let not qualified companies eventually enter the Baidu promotion system. Baidu attaches great importance to the matter, has launched a rapid investigation, will be severely dealt with this violation, and immediately off the assembly line related violations of customers, to stop its promotion behavior.


said in response, on the promotion of commercial business, Baidu will further improve the system and process, the future, Baidu Inc will increase efforts to promote policies to penetrate agency partners and all the staff, to ensure that the landing and implementation of the company system, and increase the punishment for any violations, including various cancel agent qualification the severe punishment.

Baidu said the main portal as China Internet users, leading the industry development, environmental purification industry is the social responsibility of Baidu, and the fight against the Swindlers Company will also be a long and arduous process, Baidu will continue to increase for the Swindlers Company’s strike force, also welcomed the supervision of public security, industry and commerce administrative law enforcement agencies and the media the. Baidu also called for more Internet Co to build a network of honest environment, adhere to the correct values, and jointly promote the healthy development of China’s Internet industry.

(source: CCTV2)

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