Group purchase website over the first 5000 homogeneous competition lead to the integrity test

with the word craze to describe the domestic industry is more appropriate to buy. Only a year, to achieve a breakthrough from zero to five thousand. According to the China e-commerce research center statistics show that as of May 2011, the total number of buy site up to 5048. China’s Internet has set the world record for the largest number of sites of the same type. According to the DCCI Internet Data Center released in 2011 China Network Group survey report shows that the current use of mobile phone users to buy the proportion of nearly 2 into the mobile phone users to become a new force to buy.

in the same level of competition to upgrade at the same time, consumers are also on the group to buy a more rational thinking, selective buy. Internet commentators Wang Penghui pointed out that the mainland group purchase website is still in the development stage, with the maturity of the market, the consumer brand awareness will become mature, the market access threshold will be raised, it will become standard.

buy site expansion

since January 2010, after the first Chinese group purchase website "full network" on the line, the U.S. mission network, handle network, group purchase website glutinous rice nets have been on the line, for a time, formed a group purchase website blossom everywhere situation. Group purchase group purchase house car, idle away in seeking pleasure, even to Vietnam group purchase date…… China Electronic Commerce Research Center statistics show that, as of now, the national registration of the average network was born 7.3 days a day. Only in March this year, a month, the number of buy site increased by 732, amazing speed. In addition to some small and medium enterprises, many of whom are Tencent, Alibaba, Sina, NetEase, Baidu, Shanda and other Internet giants.

group purchase this new form of consumption, for consumers, save a lot of money for businesses, not only to attract tourists and enhance the public reputation, businesses on both sides of the music, so the group purchase has been double pursuit of consumers and businesses, and this is the main power surge group purchase website.

, a well-known group purchase website done a questionnaire in the questionnaire survey of users, on average every 3 people had a network group purchase experience, which participate in group purchase who are highly educated with an average age of 25-50 years old female white-collar. Insiders estimate that this year China is expected to reach 60 billion yuan market transaction volume, an increase of about 40% over last year. The next 5 years, the average annual growth rate of China’s group buying market transactions will continue to grow at 40%-50%.

highlights the weakness behind the prosperity of integrity

along with the rapid increase in the number of buy network, the number of consumer complaints rose straight. The month of 2010 1-6 network group purchase complaints to 30 cases; and since July, has more than 800 cases, poor reflect specifications and publicity inconsistent group purchase commodity or product quality, and even fake issues accounted for 55% of all network group purchase complaints.

Analysys International believes that the rapid growth to cover up a lot of potential risks. Such as business wind

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