Talk about how traditional enterprises should sell products on the nternet

yesterday, the boss suddenly convened the company all administrative personnel and the production department is responsible for the meeting, the main content of the meeting is to follow the development of the economy, hoping to open up a market on the Internet, I is the company’s new hires network marketing company responsible person, no Internet sales experience, from zero start.

A: enterprise website

want to sell products on the Internet, enterprise website must have, not only to have, and the site to do very formal, so, I put forward to the boss recruitment website SEO optimization personnel;

for SEO optimization personnel job requirements:

1: can independently complete the website production;

2: proficient in search engine algorithm;

3: the main keywords can do the first ten;

4: writing skills, good writing, can have a column in each big media platform;

5: good at soft writing

enterprise website this one all to SEO optimization personnel, for SEO optimization personnel out of salary is basic salary plus commission.

two: major B2B website release product information

companies to sell products on the Internet, the main platform is the B2B website, product information posted on the B2B website at the same time combined with SEO optimization company’s title, this is a very important point, want the company’s products have a good ranking in the search engine, the title of product information is particularly important.

three: the major forum classification information release product information

company released the product related text in various forums, publishing products wholesale information in the classified information website, product information posted on the forum, the forum is the need to pay attention to the selection of weights to be high, Baidu included faster, classified information mainly in the 58 city and Ganji, people network.

four: micro-blog WeChat marketing

according to the characteristics of products, established several WeChat public number, to attract potential users, such as we are selling wine box, WeChat public platform we do is about wine knowledge, open to attract attention in the promotion of the winery staff, so that potential customers will be very much, micro-blog also released to wine knowledge the main.

concluded that the above four methods, I personally involved, B2B was the best site followed by marketing, the company’s official website through the SEO optimization, the fewer orders, but orders is very large, the traditional enterprise selling method is the best selling products online through the B2B website, and of course to choose according to the product the characteristics of the platform.

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