Tencent will be completed B stake in the station, the two dimension Ali Tencent showdown

recently, the head of the Tencent was informed that the upcoming completion of the Bilibili investment. After the acquisition of a stake in the acquisition of Youku potatoes Youku AcFun indirectly, after the formation of a sub cultural community Ali, Tencent confrontation situation.

recently know almost confirm the C round of $55 million financing, Tencent led investment, which makes the outside world of Tencent investment strategy has a new understanding. Know almost as a new content of the community, in the traditional PC side is very difficult to get the favor of giants, but in the mobile terminal, know the status of this content community increasingly important. You do not see the entire WeChat public platform to rely on the flow of the contents of the subscription number prop up


in the mobile terminal, the content that entrance, know the value of the natural appearance, and compared to known this may be abandoned by the user of the Q & a community (mobile terminal is a blog), the more valuable it is for future users of the "sub culture" content of community. The sub culture content of community to be known as "AB’s" AcFun Bilibili, the leader in the barrage site.

looks like BAT has finally started to skip the "take responsibility" have two children after 80, began to compete for new user groups in the next twenty years. This will produce what kind of influence, we resolve:

, A, B value is close to the barrage site Youku potatoes 1/10

although the fans group secretive, but AcFun, Bilibili has become a popular subject of investment circles, and even become one of the most recent Bilibili IDG show project. IDG partner Li Feng in the establishment of a new fund, will also be Bilibili as one of the most important achievements write a great deal about.

VC touted behind, is the valuation of Bilibili continued to rise, it is reported that this round of investment in Tencent Bilibili valuation of 1 billion 500 million yuan or so, to account for the share of $15%, Tencent investment will be more than 200 million yuan. Interestingly, the B station is also the parent company in the near future to complete the changes in the business, Chen Rui became a natural person, the original founder of 9bishi seems likely to have cash out.

can be compared, Youku potatoes shortly before taking the lead in investment AcFun, with a total investment of about $50 million, the same share accounted for about 15% of the total valuation of nearly $2 billion valuation. However, Youku potatoes had sued AcFun, the investment is actually part of the settlement plan, the proportion of the actual proportion of excellent soil is likely to be higher, so the valuation may be less than 2 billion yuan.

despite a rough calculation, AcFun valuation seems to be higher than Bilibili, but the reality is that the user level is generally considered to be slightly greater than the influence of B station A station, but the industrial capital is also very easy to understand the different valuation.

on both sides of the specific number of users, can be used to contrast, the beginning of this year, AcFun’s daily living has reached 200-300 million, monthly activity of 39 million, while B station on 2014, July We>

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