The WeChat also have improper sequence of events each one sticks to his own viewpoint

own brand trademark, domain names are not in their own hands, this is definitely the biggest tragedy in the Internet industry.

and the "tragedy" in WeChat who, after several twists and turns, BaiZhuanQianHui, it is hard to judge.


event review:

of WeChat as the best brand name has been in the hands of Tencent, allegedly this domain name holders had Xiangwei letter asking price 10 million yuan, but the Tencent did not accept, at this time, industry personnel have to over the high price of one hundred million.

according to whois information shows that in November 21, 2000 was registered in the, in April 13, 2015 the registered person mailbox has changed, the original [email protected] into a [email protected]

then reported that in April last year, was sold, but buyers are still not Tencent, at this time the transaction price is 30 million yuan.

2015, was the site, the site turned out to be WeChat developer platform, which most of the business on the site is also open to the public platform for WeChat.

this time WeChat has from the original "unknown" into the current "monthly active users reached 549 million, obviously, from the original simple domain into a high quality brand name.

WeChat’s reputation for’s website brings a huge amount of users.

by the end of 2015, Tencent Inc filed a complaint demanding access to the official ownership of

February 15, 2016, the Internet came to Tencent successfully apply for arbitration domain name message.

February 16th, domain name holder Liming to the above arbitration issued an objection, and to Beijing City People’s court proceedings in Haidian District.

little knowledge of Science: Arbitration

both parties before or after the dispute, signed a written agreement, the parties will be submitted to the parties to the dispute to be submitted to the third ruling, in order to resolve disputes in a way.

under normal circumstances, the domain name holder has the following acts, the trademark holder (or company and organization) for arbitration.

, a malicious cybersquatting is not the proper use of

of the existing trademark or public perception has formed proprietary refers to the symbol, ahead of all of its people, the corresponding domain name registration, called domain name cybersquatting, because of uniqueness and exclusiveness, this behavior will lead to the trademark owner.

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