Podcast broadcast porn hits million jailed for eight months

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              now users often use "podcast" will produce their own "radio program" upload to share with other users online, but if spread to the content of obscene information, it will be punished by the law. Yesterday, Chancheng District Court announced the cause of Foshan’s first "podcast" publish pornographic video and sentenced the case to the media, Lumou will contain a small video content on youtube, Internet users attracted two million hits, Foshan internet police immediately rushed to Puning following the IP address will be captured recently he was sentenced to 8 months.


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in March 5th this year, Foshan City Public Security Bureau Network Monitoring detachment of police found a video clip of a title for "the best of Puning" to share video based Youku online content for a man and a woman in bed naked little sex video, video is repeated up to 25274 times.

duty police immediately to the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Bureau Public Information Network Security Supervision Department to report the matter and investigate. Because of the website server is located in Foshan City, Chancheng District telecommunications room, so the Chancheng district is one of the legal aspects of the crime, the Foshan Municipal Public Security Bureau has jurisdiction over the case. Guangdong Public Security Bureau internet police brigade was designated Foshan City Public Security Bureau supervisor detachment for the case.

Foshan police according to IP address, in a town of Guangdong city in Puning province will be suspected of spreading obscene articles Lumou arrested, and seized the tools of crime involving a computer and a router in the shop.


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24 year old Lu Guangdong in Puning opened a small shop on mobile phone, abide by the law, the public security organs face questioning, he is very honest account of what happened.

last July 10th evening, Lumou in the mobile phone shop with a computer internet. Browse youku.com, he saw one of the content is the thief was caught and the people of Puning city were beaten video, video click rate is very high, it is very interesting to upload a video, upload a video to share with friends.

A computer file named "

his head Kung Fu" video content is a Puning man whoring fragments, so, Lumou immediately from Youku registered an account, the first "Kung Fu" of the video to youku.com. To attract more

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