Fast and easy to storm the Jingdong in three years to win or die


with the advantages of logistics and distribution, fast and easy to move from a regional electricity supplier companies to the national market

as a step pawn Tencent layout of the electricity supplier, within three years, is not successful, or die

This print journalist Zhao Yi

_ editor _ real Yu

in a fast and easy warehouse in Beijing, a huge production scheduling screen like the train station waiting room number display terminal. Here you can see the operating time of each operation point and data, the data will be displayed in different colors, black on behalf of the normal, red on behalf of the operation of the link "delay". In accordance with the provisions of fast and easy, from the order to the warehouse of the process is not more than 100 minutes, which should take the time to make a strict division of each link. If "red" appears, the person in charge of the relevant group will be reviewed for second days.

December 10, 2012, in the face of more than a dozen reporters in Beijing, Yi Xun network CEO Bu Guangqi in more than 1 hours of time, raised the 37 Jingdong mall. The stocky, honest business face the young guard, is sending a comprehensive challenge to a leader in the mall of the electricity business Jingdong Liu Qiangdong, entered the Beijing market. Here is the Jingdong store "criminality", Beijing and the surrounding market Jingdong mall sales of 40%, the Jingdong is the most fertile territory.

easy fast menacing, after a long preparation, Beijing consumers found that, like an overnight fast and easy net advertising was filled on the subway and bus advertising: advertising keywords "lightning delivery". In Shanghai, Yi Xun logistics can do 1 to send 3, which has become its signature service projects. Bu Guangqi is not talking about his ambition, he said, Beijing’s first overall marketing costs in the tens of millions of levels. Target will be very clear, he hopes in the end of 2013, will be fast and easy to achieve sales of 15 billion -200 billion.

was founded in 2006, starting from Shanghai Yi Xun once attracted the attention of Foxconn, HNA Group, but in 2010, Yi Xun was eventually acquired Tencent (2012, Tencent completed 80% of its holdings), at the time, this company’s business scope is still around Shanghai, only tentacles extend to the surrounding area of East china. It is one of the largest in East China B2C shopping site, which 3C products exclusive East ao.

in Shanghai, Yi Xun has trained a large number of their own loyal users. Hu Jun Hua is an ordinary white-collar workers, Shanghai in October 1, 2012, National Day period, he compared the Jingdong fast and easy with a 46 inch LCD TV SONY price, easy fast 200 yuan cheaper than the Jingdong, which makes him the decisive shot. As a cheap online shopping chart of inertia, he has always been concerned about the color TV, found that until now is still the most convenient fast, which makes him secretly happy. "Yi Xun also has a benefit, energy subsidies directly reduced in the purchase price, while others"

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