1 shop or tomorrow to split the mall No. 1 to circumvent the restrictions on WAL-MART terms


1 mall


] September 29th news billion state power network, learned billion state power network, shop No. 1 is likely tomorrow will be officially stripped from the mall No. 1 shop No. 1, and a new domain independent online.

Shop No. 1 suppliers have been informed from the official mall, No. 1 (open platform) separated from the company, transferred to another company under the name of independent operation, and in September 30th, 1 independent domain name www.1mall.com enabled mall.


Shop No. 1, announced that September 30th has been linked to early downtime

After the independence of

, shop 1 is only responsible for the platform’s proprietary business as well as buy business, and its mobile electricity supplier palm Shop No. 1 has not yet specifically expressed specific.

according to the source, took over the mall 1 company called Shanghai biography Agel Ecommerce Ltd. Billion state power network by the Shanghai Municipal Administration of industry and commerce website, the company registered in April 26, 2011, the legal representative for LIU JUNLING (shop No. 1 co-founder and CEO Liu Junling homonym), its main business is e-commerce, network technology research and development, warehousing, logistics etc..


Shanghai performance Agel Ecommerce Ltd business license

from the 1mall.com domain name information nets show visible in the registrar for Beijing kuancom Network Technology Co. Ltd. (namely nets), registration time is 1998, yet they do not know whether the domain name and the specific transfer price, and cannot be opened normally.

for the No. 1 store splits mall business, industry analysis, mainly under the Ministry of Commerce in the acquisition of the 1 store restrictions holding WAL-MART, hinder the open platform business No. 1 mall smoothly, so as to have a greater breakthrough in the market scale and profit mode.

According to

billion state power network to understand, finally approved the Ministry of Commerce in August 13th, WAL-MART holdings, the No. 1 store according to the agreement, the Wal-Mart Store Inc will through its wholly owned subsidiary of GEC 2 in Niuhai Holdings Limited (a wholly owned subsidiary of new gang Ling Hongkong and Niuhai Shanghai held shop No. 1) the shareholding ratio increased from 17.7% to 51.3%, to become the largest shareholder of shop No. 1.


however, the Ministry of Commerce approved at the same time in the antitrust investigation by the acquisition of WAL-MART to impose additional conditions, namely "Niuhai Shanghai, this acquisition, only using its own network platform directly engaged in the sale of goods; Niuhai Shanghai shall not use their own network platform to provide Internet services to other parties; the Wal-Mart Store Inc shall not by VIE>

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