The bottom of the sphere movement alliance website to build information Park

Times newspaper reported: in August 18th, the second time in Chongqing Internet Conference, a Chongqing IT practitioners so many exciting news was confirmed: preparatory work for the Chongqing information service business park has entered a substantive stage, including Shapingba, Jiulongpo, high-tech zones in the multi district government has launched a website and Electronic Commerce Association Branch with the introduction of the park for their own area. This means that the focus of the Chongqing Internet site is about to form a series of relevant supporting measures and preferential policies will be more effective implementation. In contrast, Chongqing information service park from the concept of a step by step to the reality of the process, it created the bottom-up model, it is worth learning and learning from all other industrial parks.

IT wonderful everywhere open

talked about IT, the Internet, people are more focused on Shanghai, Beijing and other developed cities. Chongqing, which lies in the southwest, seems to have been ignored. However, in the second Chongqing Internet Conference, Chongqing IT enterprises have emerged the talented men still remained in concealment. Chongqing talent network Zheng Hanlin describes the information service industry of the mountain: "this is a very strange phenomenon, in personnel, funds are not the case of absolute advantage, Chongqing’s website has made even beyond the boundaries of national quality influence." In the electronic commerce website of branch of the association membership directory, rich large network platform security technology that sets mall, information, entertainment, online advertising, online payment in one, there are auspicious nets, bamboo net such a large IDC (Internet Data Center) data service provider, and Chongqing talent network, online Monument for Liberation such a strong local website.

Every corner of

of these outstanding enterprises located in the urban area, high tech Zone Shiqiao Po, Monument for Liberation CBD, Shapingba District, Jiulongpo District, Jiangbei district…… You can easily find a lot of similar images from the main office buildings in Chongqing, and these figures stack up, there is a specific number of their value: the annual output value of more than 1 billion yuan.

1 billion yuan hi and sad

this year, the total output value of more than 1 billion yuan of the industry, there are a lot of places to be happy: the continuous investment of capital and talent, increasing the number of new sites. Only from the Electronic Commerce Association Web site data show that the Chongqing Internet site


alliance members in week 3 annually; the profitability and scale of website continuously pig Witkey network and blog network has received tens of millions of dollars more than the risk of investment; the overall attractiveness of Chongqing information service industry is growing, common Website Programmer Salary from a few years ago, 1000 yuan general rose to 2000 yuan, a senior staff treatment is entering the high class, many in Shanghai, Beijing IT talent back to Chongqing……

but in the joy behind Chongqing information service industry also faces many difficulties: the overall environmental distress and attraction of the city is weak, the high-end people park

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