Nora jurisprudence case two days! Nora CEO Wang Xin wonderful sayings summary bright blind

January 7th, Beijing City Court of on the ‘Nora’ dissemination of pornographic materials case of profit, the defendant Wang Xin, Wu Ming, and the public hearing of the trial of the case, Mr. Li, and Mr. Wang, the Chinese people’s Republic of China, the people’s Republic of China, the people’s Republic of China, the people’s Republic of China in Haidian. Trial site, Nora CEO Wang Xin believes that the prosecutor’s allegations are not true, Nora companies and individuals do not constitute a crime. There is also an opinion on the facts of the allegations, Wang Xin said Nora does not have the spread of the property, does not provide content to users.


Nora case hearing

in the course of the trial, Nora CEO Wang Xin, Zhang Kedong, and the court prosecutor’s dialogue is no lack of highlights, we feel together (part of the dialogue excerpt):

1, prosecutor: the indictment to write, Nora software has been used to play pornographic video, do you know about this? Wang Xin: this can be a definite answer, whether good or bad video, need to open the player.

2, prosecutors: users with fast broadcast online video on demand you know Wang Xin: This is an individual user, Nora can not identify whether the user is online or local broadcast.

3, prosecutor: you said you did a lot of measures to avoid the user clicks on the pornographic video but found a large number of pornographic videos, the cache server in your response, how do you explain? Wang Xin: I also feel very strange. Our hundreds of millions of documents, only a small part of pornographic video, reported the existence of blind spots.

4, Defender: since you can not effectively regulate the bad information, why not one by one to watch?……

5, prosecutor: you know that their technology has been already very difficult by Internet users, knowing that the supervision, why don’t you just transition? Wang Xin: we are just a technology research firm, even if users do not have our technology, will use other company’s technology. Now, it is hard to focus on technology.

6, Zhang Kedong: seized servers, the proportion of pornographic video accounted for more than 70%, I am very difficult to understand. If this is true, it means that the video site has 70% pornographic video sites, which does not conform to common sense. The evidence itself is a problem, first of all, the server is not our hard disk, followed by the possibility of obscene files are increased. So I think there’s a problem with this.

7, Zhang Kedong: if you can not reach a certain rate, Nora software will start the cache server began to accelerate, to achieve the code rate, it will automatically disconnect. Judge: why does it know? Is it a robot?

Niu Wenju: we were

8, Shenzhen supervisor awards, and won eighteen during the "security award".

9, the presiding judge: I think you are not very complex system of Nora 110, ah, the technical difficulty is very simple. The screen is very good to change it? One day can change 100?

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