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although each electricity supplier are said to be "consumer experience", but the focus of each argument seems to have been around the price and pre-sale services". However, when the electricity supplier who burned heavily in self storage and logistics, the next day, the day has become the norm, self advice, night delivery has become the home appliance business launched special services, returns and other customer service service experience is a serious drag on the user experience of the hind legs. For electricity supplier companies, return still hardly quality. In the user view, an annoying return process, enough to subvert them on any good impression of the enterprise.

cause 1

responsibility is difficult to define the merchant to kick the ball

in the physical department of the "Three Guarantees" policy, whether it is "7" or "15 regulations" provisions, expressly pointed out that when the purchase of goods from the date of sale, performance failure occurs, consumers can choose the corresponding three packs of services in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

But the reporter in the

return rule query multi appliance when found, many exchange rules are hidden in the various policies and rules, not carefully read will let down, and the "Three Guarantees" from "consumer choice" to "consumers can apply for".

on a commercial website return category, including not only the quality of goods "," logistics loss goods "and other reasons, including personal causes the return policy, seemingly loose, but only issued by the relevant test report will return a time delay for a few days.

a lot of consumers have had such an experience: when the request of the manufacturer or special after-sales service center issued a test report, manufacturers and electricity suppliers are often sold after the ball". One consumer said, just in a well-known electricity supplier to buy a computer, but after the start of the noise is larger, and the main box has a shallow scratch. The package is still three period, the consumers want to change one, the 7 days to end the return, but lasted nearly half a month’s time, "said manufacturers electricity supplier delivery problems caused by vibration, has nothing to do with the quality of their products, on-site maintenance, but not issued by the relevant inspection report, and the electricity supplier said that no inspection report will not return, the two sides fruitless negotiations, finally, the consumer counters themselves with the" big trouble "in the case of brand computer is to get the test report, and then have to last second days three period.

industry insiders said that the problem is the responsibility of the goods who is difficult to define. Electronic goods, for example, due to the needs of the logistics and transportation in the middle of multiple distribution, electronic goods if not obvious performance problems, it is difficult to identify the problem is who’s responsibility. The major electricity supplier as intermediate channels, certainly do not want to take responsibility, so return a difficult situation.

cause 2

steps peibenzhuanyaohe

sale at a loss

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