60 billion market katabasis derivative can burn second fire

– IT Times reporter Qi Yeyun

now, talking about micro business, some people’s mind is sketched out the legendary overnight, some people think it is a pyramid scheme not serious business. If the micro business metaphor of a besieged city, people in the night singing, outside the city people trying to suppress.

in May this year, when the negative public opinion, such as the wave of the call, the pain of suffering the transformation of micro providers. Many micro brands could not resist the wave of the invasion, suffered heavy losses, after sales of cliff style decline, micro business people will be known as "black May".

"IT times" reporter, micro business decline is not threatened, as early as this business model will appear "leisure", the actual energy dispersion of college students, housewives, stay-at-home mom as agents of the main layers of the crowd, for the subsequent defeat foreshadowing.

after black May, micro district is a part of brand differentiation, embarked on the road of traditional marketing, rely on a large number of advertising to enhance brand awareness, increase buyer trust products, another part of the brand is still adhere to the road agency, but the development of the agent, the housewife a small boss, have a certain social network of airline stewardess activists.

micro business will burn second fire


full-time mothers to exit micro business

although the earlier media reports, there are micro business agent Juankuan money, but "IT times" the reporter interviewed nearly ten from the micro business sellers and more than micro district people found that run away is not the norm, the reasons for the withdrawal is more, there is not enough time.

"when I picked up my cell phone and my son would throw it away, I decided not to do it." Full time housewife Wang Yuexing (a pseudonym) said, leaving the micro business before the Suzhou has been a mask on behalf of the total on behalf of the. In order to more than 1 years old son, in June this year, she decided to give up their mask cause.

from the beginning of October last year to join the army of Wang Yuexing’s circle of friends mask, mask selling career in less than half the time, the monthly income of 2000 yuan to 20000 yuan more than the leap. In March this year, in order to become the general agent in Suzhou, Wang Yuexing took 100 thousand yuan in a breath of goods, pay a deposit of $10 thousand, with more than 50 agents.

black May comes, Wang Yuexing’s business has not been much volatility. But to leave the industry, Wang Yuexing said that because it is too tired, in order to teach the agency operating hand, before 2 a.m.. I hate my son took the phone, leaving the micro operator is for children."

mask micro business development path is similar to that, through the agency system, a layer of agents spread downward. Han beam agents at least divided into big, provincial, city generation, crown, platinum, angel and other six levels, the lowest level requires a one-time full of $1050 cargo. The port agent layer is at least 5 levels, the lowest level

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