OS 6 Sina elite interactive Tencent out of apple

[learned] in the micro-blog war, Sina seize the initiative, followed by Tencent, a lot of people believe that Tencent has QQ do platform, micro-blog will inevitably be far more than Sina, however, in fact not the case.

Sina micro-blog has a stronger interaction, and gathered more elite. Beijing on June 5th news, English blog PingEast founder Luo Yihang (Thomas Luo) published Thursday column said, Apple has attached great importance to China market, however, a high degree of popularity in the Chinese Tencent did not appear in the apple iOS 6, on the contrary, apple chose Sina micro-blog.

this, apple said that the main reason is that Apple believes QQ users and Apple users in China does not match. Apple CEO Tim · (Tim Cook) seems to have fallen in love with the Chinese market, apple WWDC conference this year can be seen. Today, apple iPhone 4S and virtual assistant iPad on the new Siri has been able to speak Mandarin and cantonese. IOS6 in mainland China and a series of network services for the depth of integration, such as search engine Baidu, Sina micro-blog, Youku and potatoes and Chinese dictionary and Chinese input method.



micro-blog QQ:iOS 6 Tencent beat Apple interactive elite

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it is worth noting that the choice of China Apple partners, with Baidu as the default search engine, video selection and two months ago announced the merger Youku and potatoes instead of YouTube, the social networking site Apple chose Sina micro-blog, and two other big social tools taking renren.com and Tencent platform did not.

Sina and Tencent’s struggle has been very intense, but this time, it seems to be able to see some of the strength of each other to a certain extent, micro-blog. Although QQ has the most active users in the Chinese market, but these users and Apple users in China does not match, at least Apple believes that. It is reported that in Beijing and Shanghai, such as Apple’s products compared to the aggregation of users of the city, but the utilization rate of QQ is lower than other cities. Apple users are often more international, such as a large number of international migrants, multinational employees and highly educated elite, they often involve in business negotiations with foreign countries. This is a true reflection of the status quo: the Internet Chinese incoherence and decentralization." In China, there is no single platform like Facebook, to attract all levels of consumers. Even if the QQ platform affects the Internet life of 80% people, but has not been recognized by the ‘elite’. In contrast, while Twitter and Facebook features Sina micro-blog more favored by apple."

In addition, Apple may give up the QQ

may not be able to integrate with the original Facebook similar, apple does not want to be with another >

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