No giant black dominated five, cross-border electricity providers have begun to recount

Abstract: the fourth Friday of November each year is also an important shopping day in the United States, and the following Cyber Monday (Internet Monday) marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season in the west. Now the domestic cross-border electricity supplier also seize this opportunity, and have increased five black culture promotion, consumer awareness.

this is the most memorable day I’ve ever had. Black five on the first day, there are nearly half of the new users, they may be the first time to participate in overseas shopping, the first time involved in black five.

blue ocean pier CEO once say, because in 2013, ocean terminal first "black Friday" big promotion, the effect is not satisfactory.

and the next two years, with the policy of opening up and people’s demand for consumer upgrades, the rapid development of cross-border electricity supplier. More and more consumers began scouring the sea, to participate in the black Friday this exotic shopping festival. This year, the first day of the black ocean pier five, per capita consumption of more than 1000 yuan. Many other cross-border electricity providers have also been avoided by the giant monopoly of double 11, into this new battlefield.

black Friday Shopping Festival can be traced back to half a century ago, when the Americans wondering how to sell more goods during the Thanksgiving holiday, so the major businesses in the day after Thanksgiving launched a number of discount activities. This tradition continues to this day, the fourth Friday of November each year has become one of the United States an important shopping festival, followed by Cyber Monday (Network on Monday) together to mark the start of the Western Christmas shopping season.

in the United States, the red deficit deficit, said black earnings, consumer buying fever to bring a lot of profit to the business, so the day is also called black Friday".

now the domestic cross-border electricity supplier also seize this opportunity, and have increased five black culture promotion, consumer awareness.

"Black" and "contact" in

black five shopping spree

Compared to

and in previous years, this black Friday is a cross-border electricity supplier will join a strong, many did not join in the last year, this year will be added, no force in the double 11 will do the maximum intensity of a price promotion in black five. In addition, many payment channels are also providing users with this convenience. (Overseas) more electricity providers have begun to do Chinese pages, provide direct mail China activities. Brands are also involved in. More benefits for Chinese users.

what is worth buying overseas business director Meng Jian told the titanium media, in addition to the above two changes, from the point of view of consumer change, this year the sea Amoy crowd significantly expanded.

according to the General Administration of customs and the China electricity supplier research center statistics, in 2014 the sea Amoy crowd 18 million, turnover size of 140 billion, from billions of billions of dollars into the market. Expected in 2018, the market size will reach one trillion level.

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