Secret Wenzhou’s first Taobao Village electricity supplier turnover of nearly billion

Wenzhou City, the town of bridge under the teaching of toy products (with the use of teaching toys) accounted for more than 60% of the country’s similar market, with the "capital of Chinese toys," said. The bridge in the town of West Village Ao is started by Taobao, more than and 230 households in the village of more than and 150 households in the Taobao shop selling toys, small village distribution of more than and 500 large and small toy shop. In 2013, the e-commerce turnover of nearly billion yuan, Xi Ao Cun Alibaba Research Center was identified as one of the first of the 20 Taobao village.

now has encountered a bottleneck in the development of the West village. Enterprises generally store space is not enough, it is difficult to become bigger and stronger, it is difficult to retain talent, coupled with the low price competition and other issues, resulting in lower profits. Taobao store opened a earn a situation has gone forever.


once brilliant

Xi Ao Cun by Taobao started, is Wenzhou’s first Taobao village

14 at noon, the reporter went to the Yongjia County Bridge Town West village. A straight through the fields of the village road, the bridge will tan tou Cun teaching toy market and the neighboring West Village together.

into the West Village, Village Road on both sides of the door of the plant, everywhere stacked teaching toy accessories and semi-finished products. In the door of a business, the reporter saw the workers are busy moving to teach toy products, along the way to see little chat villagers.

bridge town deputy mayor Du Yiyou introduced the bridge in the town of toy industry is from the last century since the end of 70s, the first is the "shop factory" family workshop started by "massive economy" model of development, the industry continues to grow.

now under the town of Zhejiang bridge has the only professional production, supply and marketing base. Has been awarded the "China toys are teaching", "teach China toy export base" and so on, half of the country educational toy industry occupied the national market, has more than and 480 tutor toy companies,

the Xi Ao Cun by Taobao started in recent years very rapid development momentum, in December last year, the Alibaba selected 20 Taobao one of the village, is also the first Taobao village in Wenzhou city".

village has 500 stores, e-commerce turnover of nearly billion

is located in the West Wenzhou Li Ao Cun young Industrial Co. Ltd. is the largest e-commerce company in the local field office, all three hundred or four hundred square meters, a total of more than 30 e-commerce personnel, walked into the office, beating the keyboard sound coming from bursts.

According to the west of

Ao village Party branch secretary Wu Guosuan introduction, is a bridge of Xi Ao Cun village under the jurisdiction of the town, relying on the bridge in the town of toy industry base industry advantage, the village has more than and 230 households with more than and 150 households in the Taobao shop selling toys. The little village operates about 500 stores.

Wu Guosuan said the shop is the most common type of Taobao business in the West village. At present village open >

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