Tmall stores double 11 with many small venue to match people and goods

September 11th message, it is understood that the day before, in the double 11 business communication, general manager of Tmall department store division Pantana introduces the new changes of Tmall stores in a few big promotion this year.


Pantana pointed out that the double 11 this year the first point is globalization, global positioning is the double 11. Businesses can rely on Tmall’s endorsement and the sale of 11 double point of sale with overseas business negotiations to get high quality and competitive price of goods. We Tmall team will serve good business. On globalization, businesses must think deeply, this is a double 11 burst point."

addition, Pantana introduction, this year will be 11 of the flow structure of double network, mobile traffic accounted for very high. Two years ago, 11, businesses will get a lot of traffic in the PC end of the entrance, and now mobile shopping era, businesses need to provide users with more shopping scene.

it is reported that, in order to make full use of network traffic, Tmall department this year 11 will take people and goods matching for each department from the venue, the sub channel label, in this way to provide suitable products for users.

it is understood that Tmall stores are developing a support for people and goods, the product, the product name may yet determined, named "treasure". Tmall will have a logical connection between the product and the user, and the product will become its connection point.

is more worthy of attention, and in the 11 different double Tmall stores only the establishment of a separate venue, this year Tmall stores will be split into different small venue venue, each venue has accurate label, did not provide users with the appropriate goods. Pantana said: "into the small venue and commodity users must be matched, which means that users jump loss rate will be very low, businesses get more accurate flow."

on the O2O part, Pantana revealed that 11 will be set up for a double line store has many businesses in terms of good promotional activities. The combination of online and offline closer, the better the effect of the 11 activities. High customer price of goods online orders will increase, because they can go offline experience and delivery. And the brand can also get a good exposure, online and offline users can exchange each other."

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