A study on the marketing plan of classified information website

in this era of network bottlenecks, we want to Amoy in the network. We must have the other place than others is superior. And when we build a classified information website. We are confronted with such a huge market, such as the 58 team. According to the 58 official website said they had used up to tens of millions of investment risk. They have long been on Google, Baidu advertising. Basically monopolized the industry. Although this but there are still some personal and team out, through their own efforts, no advertising, but also given a cup of red. Why? Because the classification of information site traffic, the charm of money is too tempting.

then how can we do it with 58, the market share is? We need to consider how we can put the classified information website to get a good ranking in Baidu. We need to learn about SEO search engine optimization technology. We must choose the key words in the website before building the classified information website. Choose a good and suitable keyword is the premise to build classification information website (select the keyword method, specific recommendations for reference to market). After selecting a good, we have to optimize the site’s procedure. On the website of the labels and other information to fill in the rich (not by the accumulation of keywords, to integrate the key words into a complete sentence). It is particularly important to emphasize the description of the language, such as the description of the language tags to fill in the integrity, such as the site’s LOGO description, advertising picture description. Even small to RSS picture is best to describe. Home keywords density adjustment and other SEO optimization. These series of search engine optimization ranking I don’t say. After all, we have to talk about the classification of information marketing programs. Here’s a little bit of SEO. The specific classification of information website SEO method can be classified into Shanghai information online plus my QQ. Leave me a message. I will publish weekly classification information website SEO skills and attention points, as well as marketing programs. (plus QQ, I will send the program every week to your QQ mailbox).

After all the

program intact. And so on to Baidu included, and other users to publish information, or we go to collect a few thousand messages on the site?. First, we have to publish quality information. What is quality information?

The so-called

quality information is what we publish information for the original or false original, each word reached more than 400 words. More than 10 per day. And each of the keyword density will reach 3%, less than 5%. Some people will ask this and the classification of information website marketing have a relationship? My answer is: classification of information website marketing interpretation is a customer to publish information. And allow others to search your site is a prerequisite. We all know that the classification of information on the website of each message from the people of a few short words. And countless passages. This leads to the quality of information is particularly high. This is also the purpose of 400 words each information.

if we are individuals

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