A month to quickly build the flow of soft paste

    WEB2.0 era to flow is king, DIGG has been very popular in foreign countries, in the country also began to grow rapidly, MY160 site open 2 months to reach the flow of several million / day. DIGG.com is growing fast, but it seems to be closed.

Digg is now not only a place of popularity and news gathering, but also become a major platform for news release and delivery. The Digg website is through the user to publish or submit some relevant information, users can vote or comment on all relevant content, and in accordance with the Digg mechanism, the home page will display. That is, the user is not only the publisher of information, to some extent, is also the screening of information. This makes it easier for users to find popular or useful information. One important feature of Digg is good to attract readers to participate in the website content (to analysis can vote factors refer to:: Digg.com), and this model can be very good for the communication between users.

              when a user published an article on the DIGG website, it is very likely that he will immediately call on dozens of brothers, sisters, friends and relatives to give him the top, then you can experience the top power, a person may bring dozens of IP traffic, and at least 10 times higher than PV. A successful DIGG website traffic reached 70 thousand IP per day, when the PV reached at least 400 thousand PV, this time to do the first video advertising that is not crazy?

            a lot of friends are asking, where are there DIGG programs to download? I have never seen in the country, mostly from foreign designers DIGG program, is Chinese foreign program. If a friend in need can contact us to get. However, there are certain conditions.

            DIGG condensation is the essence of essence. Each article is the user himself up, there is no interference in the management (in the absence of harm to the national interests of the premise), completely fair, notarized, authoritative.

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      if there are any technical problems in the installation process, we provide all technical support.

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