About mobile marketing, you must know the 12 facts


last year we helped publish the mobile marketing industry book "decisive battle third screen". Americans write, very comprehensive, very vivid, but also easy to accept. So, a semi professional book sold nearly 20 thousand copies. Do the publishers, know that this is an amazing number. After all, not the "Tomb notes". A by-product, "decisive battle third screen" noun, in the marketing circle, passive words, and can be seen.

see this book at the airport bookstore, Duitou is placed in the middle, crowded together with the masterpiece best-selling novels, my Bible boast without shame and success, and really become the 20 thousand and 120 best-selling books. After that, we’re thinking about why. Very simple, because of the situation, should be mobile phone and other mobile terminals completely occupied the world attention — perhaps more than 50% have been transferred to the mobile terminal, all associated with the enterprise who must know how to do marketing in the mobile terminal but mobile Internet development speed to the market than any one of the the professional books, so there are no heroes succeed by luck.

, however, the third screen is a book written by americans. Very nice。 But not down to earth. Said a lot of good mobile marketing, a lot of understanding, or do not know how to do, especially in China how to do.

so, we began to move from 2013 to about ten months of 2-3 mobile marketing practice. Because I moved a heart intervention surgery, just our co editor Hui Min also returned home to give birth to the baby, delayed for half a year. In fact, very good, the situation in the past six months, cognitive and operational, and profound changes, and tends to stabilize. It’s late. The birth of children returning Hui Min, professional is still sharp, "actual third" screen is the name of her, it is a "touch" this thing, not only emphasizes the practical operation characteristics, and a "battle of the third screen" perfect convergence, Huimin still at any time for the sake of their own. Last year, I hope to bring the book to sell 10 thousand copies.

this "third screen", to tell the truth, it is more boring. Dry cargo, don’t expect delicious. In 40 cases, 8 additional in-depth topics, nearly 150 copies of pictures, 1 "2013 Chinese brand advertisers mobile marketing guide" Appendix 1 "2013 mobile marketing baiwenbaida" appendix, nearly 30 words, 300 pages.

we generally think, the mobile Internet has completely taken everyone, including pets have been installed for positioning wearable mobile devices to find the animal, are affected. Therefore, the world every one, are the potential readers of "actual third" screen; speak reliable, and all related enterprise operation and management and operational staff, everyone is a reader of this book; and pragmatic point, at least, brand marketing and advertising media circle, circle and circle mobile Internet, the three circle of people, can not read. In fact, I have an idea, as the elite of the group of people, most should read it >

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