Barley was hacked into the database data and the user was cheated 1 million 474 thousand and 200 yua

A5 venture capital ( July 18th news, recently, barley network was hit by hackers, causing the user to disclose information, there are 39 users were cheated, the amount of a total of 1 million 474 thousand and 200 yuan.

said deceived someone claiming to be "barley net staff", mistakenly upgraded the VIP permission to the user, if not canceled automatically from the bank debit card, when the staff accurately broke the purchase of tickets and other information, also has to dispel his doubts, finally according to the other side the tip into operation, to complete the "deceived".


barley net in the subsequent statement denying the disclosure of user information that may be criminals use the same username and password of the user login, the information used to try to fraud, in addition, barley net is willing to assume responsibility, to advance the user cheated money.

barley net statement details are as follows:


The problem of network security

cloud platform vulnerabilities has repeatedly reminded the barley net "hit", said the industry’s barley net technology vulnerabilities exist, but not as the barley net is an important reason for the fraud.

in recent years, due to hit the library attack occurred information leakage incidents occur frequently. A5 venture network to remind you not to use a user name and password in a number of sites, some important account password in addition to set complex, it is best to do a regular replacement. In addition, the so-called from the official website of the staff of the phone, involving money problems, please be careful and then carefully handled.

once cheated as far as possible please keep phone records, transfer records and echelon water proof, and handed over to the police as soon as possible.

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