The entrepreneurial team is unable to retain talent is not because the founder of nine out of ten to


has been in the Internet for a long time, as a product and operation, there is a situation is more common, and often will be speechless –

imagine, one day, you are on a problem, suddenly, your boss dumped over a thing in WeChat, probably the title is "how to increase the cost of 0 10W fans", "how do I make 3 years of millions of users" this kind of things, or even more for you, directly dumped over a 10W+ article, and said that the good, you take the lead, we also learn to engage in a pattern of people.

excuse me, is the area of your psychological shadow at this time huge?

in particular, if you can not do this at this time with the boss, the boss will come back in an instant: why people can do, we can not do?

especially, if you find that your boss to you forward to the thing, even the foundation is completely different, the user type and typical scene are not match.

for a real example:

I have a friend, they do tourism products, often in her boss in the depth of night time to give her some looks very Niubi dumped over the case, such as a micro business team got a 1 day within tens of thousands of users, or someone else is doing a adorable treasure in the tens of thousands of fans contest what, then said to her: this cow force, we need to learn about, if I give you and the activities of the planning a group.

every time, she was always the head flashed by hundreds of horses.


I’ve been able to answer a question of "how to look at it, don’t try to cover up the laziness of the strategy", and in that case, part of my answer is this:

I found

, founder and CEO in their own half don’t know what to do or see the road, will choose into many details and executive affairs to have, is how many is a kind of "I want to play at the executive level I covered my strategy and positioning in the incompetent" or "I don’t see never mind, but can not let the brothers see I didn’t want to know" mentality.

the answer may be a bit unpleasant, but in fact, I have found that there are many bosses (especially startups why) the typical state is such:

on the one hand, they did not want to know about a lot of things, don’t know the direction and focus of their products and business development should also do not know where to let users turned 5 times to 10 times, it should satisfy the conditions which can reach


but on the other hand, they are particularly anxious, so they always Mitsuyo.