Li Xiang, founder of the founder of the car to continue to serve as chairman of the board of shareho

car home founder Li Xiang


technology news Beijing time on June 12th at noon news, car home (NYSE:ATHM) announced that the founder Li Xiang no longer serve as car home president, but will continue to car home directors, shareholder identity, play a role in the company’s strategic planning and other important matters.

Qin cause qichezhijia CEO said that over the past ten years, Li Xiang and all the staff of the company made outstanding contributions to pull together in times of trouble, the creation of a home and car development, together close and open. Although the future of the company is no longer involved in the daily management of the company, but will continue to help and concern about the growth of the car house, as a director and shareholder status, Li Xiang.

Li Xiang said that at this stage of the car home each business line has entered a stable period of development, the company has established a new strategic planning to business as the core of the traditional media business and new business, second-hand car business has already formed complete road map, believe that the management team will continue to lead the car home to greater victory and breakthrough. He himself will continue to contribute to the future development of the car home.

had previously reported that Li Xiang will leave next month, and plans to work in parallel import car business. At that time, Li Xiang denied, and said only personal investment. (Warriors)

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