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in the age of the Internet, we will inevitably become Internet addicts (network picture)

Tencent Francisco (Wanxue) in Beijing on July 15th news, according to foreign media reports, in the age of the Internet, we will inevitably become Internet addicts. We got tired of surfing the Internet, forgetting to turn off the phone, eat and sleep until we were mentally ill. The harm of the Internet, and even the Internet will not be able to avoid the baby.

Internet addict

has recently reported that sitting a long time can be harmful to your body, I often sit for a long time to visit the Internet, the news almost makes me feel the collapse. In early April, I read an article asking "Facebook make us feel lonely?" after reading it carefully, I draw a conclusion: No, Facebook may not let all people feel lonely, although sometimes it will increase our sense of loneliness, or a long time lying in front of the computer Internet people often feel lonely.

this conclusion makes me feel a little relieved. But the relief is only temporary. Newsweek’s article completely disturbed the peace of my heart, make me feel more depressed.

originally, we need to worry not only Facebook, but the entire Internet and mobile phones. Provide timely feedback any communication technology, can you become a drug addict, let you not stop click, reluctant to shut down, eat or sleep, until you got mental illness.

this is the "Newsweek" reported a Jason Russel (Jason Russell) who become Internet addicts experience. In March this year, he was sent to a mental hospital because of all sorts of strange behavior in public. Until now, I still not sure is the Internet leads to Russel mental disease.

if you have a smart mobile phone, but also work in the field of information technology, the structure of your brain and it may also change the Internet junkie. "The first signs of Internet addicts is more than 38 hours a week online. According to this definition, we are now. The current Internet addiction test is only a qualitative test, including those that worked tirelessly to access the Internet, to reduce access time and do people."

Internet Addiction Test

I am unwilling to accept the uncertainty of this conclusion, and accept the "Internet Addiction Test", a diagnostic test contains 20 questions. The test results are not very reassuring.

my score is 43 points, fairly normal, but can only be regarded as. There are several problems hit my pain:

"how many times will you check your email before 7"

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