The new pattern of BATQ2014 360, BT and Ali alliance battle

BATQ, Baidu, Ali, Tencent and Qihoo 360 of the four Internet giants ". In 2013 Chinese Internet arena, with the two flashing the glint and flash of cold steel grade and two chiefs of billions of dollars of billions of dollars level chiefs, is full of trickery struggle, there are vertical and horizontal and hold together against an enemy of the wonderful plot.

tonight I got the two broke the news, one is the acquisition of public comment Tencent has been completed; the second is Alibaba shares of the transaction has been reached.

in 2014, perhaps between the four giants in the China Internet arena set off a bloody, Internet World War triggered at any moment. See the next titanium media author sand water one by one for all, a detailed review of Tiaofenlvxi, also please you to concentrate, Tuosai listen to


1, Baidu and 360: feel irreconcilable hatred enemy

Baidu and 360, because the search for the dispute and the other side of the thorn in the eyes of the nails. For more than a year, 360 search from scratch, has grabbed more than and 20 market share, and plans in 2014 and 2015 respectively, with 30% and 40% of the market share, depends greatly on the rise. Moreover, in the fight against drug search rankings, 360 meter strike hit Baidu defenseless, and to the relevant departments jointly, and then follow in the 360 scenario.

, of course, Baidu is not easy to provoke, after all, people have mastered the flow of all domestic Internet companies lifeblood, although public relations strength is not enough, but the ability to suppress the negative spread of blocking strong. In addition, search as a suction Gold King, the image of a nouveau riche fan, 2013 bought many enterprises, $1 billion 900 million with 91 wireless is the containment strategy layout 360 from the mobile application distribution. In addition, Baidu launched Baidu antivirus, Baidu mobile phone, Baidu Mobile Phone Guardian assistant and a series of mobile terminal products, direct attack core security business 360, to contain the opponent by this, is come up with some wolf spirit.

2, Tencent and 360:3Q World War I

for 3 years

Tencent with 360 scores from the start in 2010. The Tencent "a difficult decision" to force users to make the election a choice between two QQ and 360 software, let the users feel a real feeling of being kidnapped, also see enough lively. In 2013, the old enemies of the 3Q war for the second time in court confrontation, the result is not important, attitude is the first one.

now, Tencent and 360 of the field of competition focused on security, anti-virus, application distribution, hand travel and other aspects of transport. 360 security guards, mobile guards, mobile assistant will directly usher in Tencent computer housekeeper, Tencent mobile housekeeper, Tencent application treasure strong challenge. Whether Baidu or Tencent, has launched a strong attack head-on from 360 core areas of the house, the layout is also gradually to the opponent’s advantage. "

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