2016 snacks how to choose entrepreneurial projects

China now has a slogan called: innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples, the purpose is to encourage everyone to start a small boss, work for myself, the money into his pocket. Of course, on the other hand also in the national GDP growth slightly tight mianbozhili. But it makes a lot of people had failed beyond count, restless heart and restless, choose to join the catering industry to do so. In the confusion of the small series will mean a bright road for you, as a senior chowhound I think the following introduction will never let you disappointed.

in many business projects, the catering industry in the rapid rise of the special snack in the stage of China, because it does not have an obvious comparability and competition, said that in 2016, the year the national dish, from the beginning of this year to support small and micro businesses, in the dining area, has been the emergence of a group good entrepreneurial projects.

catering business for many small projects, Korean restaurant is one of the very promising, in addition to the characteristics of the Korean steak, pizza, special snack, fried chicken and beer are drinks, in recent years, some new entrepreneurial small projects continue to emerge, and now I have to look at what.

1, 2016 venture small projects fire dish barbecue: surprise to customers screaming

this is the recently popular Korean barbecue, barbecue, seafood, vegetables, pickled cabbage, egg soup and all of you think you can bake something, put barbecue in the oven, the most memorable is that when the waiter came to barbecue medium, and picked up the gun, "bang……" Pan on the gas fire, with food buzzing sound and Jiao Xiangwei, the customer will be issued a "wow……" Scream!

project features:

1. decoration almost no need to invest too much, relying entirely on the dining atmosphere itself to attract customers.

2. is a special dish, not paste pot, a meal down without the need for manual pan.

3. is still the only province, kitchen dishes, dishes all cooked on the table, no chef.

4. meals a day, meals can, can also be used as a snack.

2, 2016 small entrepreneurial projects? Seven steamed seafood pot: built 1 meters

steamer on the table

this is also a red wine business in South Korea, a small project, many Korean TV interview. Seven "steam" is what concept? The picture only 3 layers only, customers can according to need, can point to the 7 layer, a layer of the pot when one opened in front of customers, in addition to the "full of expectations" is the "surprise"

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