Kunming Panlong District entrepreneurship competition extend the registration time to September

recently held in Kunming, Panlong District of the new entrepreneurship competition can be said to be attracted many young people come to the society at the same time, because now during the summer vacation, many students contestants in the home there is no way to enroll.

"school holiday back home, could it be postponed to the school?" Recently, Panlong District second "youth entrepreneurship and innovation contest organizing committee has received a phone call. After the study, the organizing committee decided to set the end of August 10th for "a contest" extended to mid September, to facilitate the participation of more entrepreneurial students.

the youth entrepreneurship innovation contest sponsored by the Panlong District government, Panlong District Employment Bureau and Kunming newspaper media group hosted the theme of "public entrepreneurship, innovation, Panlong, win tomorrow together". Since the start of the event, young entrepreneurs enthusiastically register. As of August 10th, the Organizing Committee received a formal application form 43 copies. It is understood that due to the activities of university enrollment coincided with the holidays, many college teachers and students to call, said due to the holiday a lot of entrepreneurial students not in Kunming, unable to prepare the relevant registration materials, hoping to extend the registration time. After organizing the study, the decision will be extended to the middle of the registration period in mid September, so that young entrepreneurs can better prepare business planning and related materials.

"entrepreneurial projects do not belong to the Panlong District, can participate in the competition?" "Before the same type of competition, this time you can register?" In the face of entrepreneurs to provide consultation, the Secretary of labor and Employment Service Bureau Panlong District Jin Ting said, the purpose of this contest is to advocate "entrepreneurial glorious" society, and the first contest, this contest will sign up until the age of 45, at the same time the contestant’s identity request also extended to migrant workers, college graduates from secondary school higher vocational graduates, college-graduate village official, home young, unemployed youth, greatly enhance the participation of entrepreneurs.

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