Zhengzhou no car day traffic jam is still difficult to open the traffic

with the continuous improvement of living standards, the ability to improve the level of consumption, the number of cars in our lives more and more, so traffic congestion is a common phenomenon. Zhengzhou’s tenth "Car Free Day", in the normal traffic congestion in the road. And last year, the same line is not limited to the region of Zhengzhou, is issued a proposal, we recommend green travel. And the same as last year, motor vehicles and electric vehicles is still unable to do our part of traffic chaos, vehicle beeps as one falls, another rises.

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"Car Free Day" of Zhengzhou and "Daily" Zhengzhou no difference

"Car Free Day is less than a year." From yesterday morning, circle of friends, people sigh, Tucao Zhengzhou has become a "Daily" traffic jams.

reporter yesterday morning from Nanyang Road, the Yellow River Road, choose to ride a bike to travel, has been riding to Zhongzhou Avenue agricultural road near. Whether it is the main road and the secondary roads, the morning rush hour is still the same as the congestion occurred in the past, the number of motor vehicles and the number of electric cars has not significantly reduced. Part of the road due to the traffic organization is more chaotic, Didi car horn sound after another.

high-yield road is a one-way road west to East, some sections of the two sides set up parking spaces, parking spaces have long been filled with cars. There is no parking spaces, there are many vehicles parked at random, affecting the traffic of other traffic participants. In the agricultural road has not yet been fully completed under the viaduct, the ground road as usual became a free parking lot, will be compressed on both sides of the fast lane only two lane width. Especially the agricultural road viaduct near the bottom of two road passing the traffic police department of agriculture, just posted a ticket, towing a car, yesterday morning, and is full of cars.

yesterday, there are a lot of people choose to abandon the car travel, the bus coin, but some people suffered a "man in the embarrassed". Citizen Zhang Hang is one of them. Usually 25 minutes by bus, full use of the 45 minutes, I was almost late." Zhang Hang said that the car on the road seems to be no less, even more than usual.

in the west of Zhengzhou, a public institution to work Ms. Liu said, because the unit and the community near the public transport is not too convenient, she almost every day to drive to work. If you take a bus, even if all the way, it will take about an hour to the unit. But it only takes about 20 minutes to drive. Counting the time, she chose to travel by car.

official statement

government to promote the principle of not driving by consciously

some people questioned, "no car day", the official recommended no why

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