What is the cost of joining Ganso food

food stores, on which more powerful, is still the red Ganso food company, since its establishment has been 23 years in 1993, the first piece of bright eye-catching signs in the north "Ganso red" erected by genius marketing guru Xiuwan Ms. Zhang carefully cultivated, Ganso food officially stationed in China stationed in the mainland, Ganso food Ltd. was born. Today, this piece of ancestral red signs have spread all over China’s cities, and become a household name, exquisite gift celebrity endorsements".

stationed since 1993 so far, the cause of thought, Ganso food base, has been the main city in Chinese, set up 6 branches, more than 260 stores in 36 national city, and strive to ensure the quality of fresh, intimate service time. High quality products, new product development, has a strong advertising campaign and strong management, which became the Ganso food and national food processing industry leader and gift consumption indicator. From the beginning of the start-up period, as the product has a number of stores, the annual growth of rapid amplification, with 25% of the sales growth rate, in 2004 the company turnover of more than 400 million yuan.

How much is the

Ganso food cost to join?

Ganso attaches great importance to product development, has advocated and committed to low sugar, low fat, juicy, multi fiber, fresh and healthy food route. We MUCH cake, mousse cake and milk merchants and consumers in a very high reputation, Ganso cake snow since 2004, once launched, with its exclusive technology, luxury taste, health demands of the Mid Autumn Festival formed in the story, and even the beach along the "cold wind" Ganso for 2 consecutive years, and the good performance has become synonymous with the original. The Spring Festival, Qingming, Dragon Boat rice cake Babao green brown, mid autumn moon cake snow dragon… Ready. Every seasonal Ganso are carefully for you! 2004 Ganso also launched a timely 3 C fruit series, gift series and original taste, with online ordering and home delivery service, so you can easily complete the whole process of one-stop shopping gifts.

China, as the first and the implementation of ERP, through the ISO9001 international standard certification and HACCP food safety control, we insist that only through such a strict quality control, safety, can enjoy the release, the health delicacy served every family and your hands Ganso stores. So how much does it cost to join the brand?

joined the Ganso food costs are as follows:

1, join fee: according to the size of the provinces and cities, the fee is between 25 – 400 thousand yuan;

2, margin: each franchisee needs to pay a deposit of 150 thousand yuan, after the expiration of the contract to be refunded;

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