How to do retail customers credit

as long as it is to do business, believe it will encounter credit things, they will provide the supplier credit, will also have their own credit to customers. The commercial street retail customers Zhao Jianhua had a guy good reputation. What is the reason? As long as he is cooked and the customer to come to him to buy goods, money or no money, you first take it. A year later, a thick notebook two this account.

this "good guy" is suffering statement, according to Zhao Jianhua himself, outside account for nearly 50 thousand dollars, for the retail shop business customers outside the account so much, really is enough. But he is not under the skin to account, he said, are acquaintances familiar face, which I mention the money thing ah. As a result, 08 years in August, Zhao Jianhua’s retail stores have a cash flow crisis.

because there is not enough liquidity in hand, when the advent of the Mid Autumn Festival, there is no money to carry out inventory reserves, a holiday down, do not do a lot of business, but also shed a lot of customers. In order to make their own retail stores to normal operation, after the Mid Autumn Festival, Zhao Jianhua to the local credit union loans to 20 thousand dollars in emergency loans, money, money, money…… Now Zhao Jianhua is thinking about money every day.

now, many shop together with his retail customers, business people are on the basis of the original increase a lot, and Zhao Jianhua because of this vicious spiral brings credit, capital chain rupture, the business is not big improvement, basically for the retail customers very upset.

analysis of

solution: retail customer Kong Jianqin

credit, but a "double-edged sword", with the better to the satisfaction of all, not to offend people, do not say, can sometimes get a little. Credit payment will cause the slow return of receivables increased, retail cash flow is broken, overwhelmed. For example in the case of Zhao boss, engage in business with a small capital outside the account so much, that ordinary people can really bear. I think, Zhao boss’s priorities, should focus on how to find ways to recover the money, in this regard, efforts.

in the daily operation, the cash flow of the infarction will directly affect the normal operation of the retail store, increase the operating risk of the store. Will lead to serious retail store into a vicious spiral cycle, affect the normal operation of the retail store does not say, our retail shop owner in the business I have to think of ways to recover the money, time-consuming and demanding, when credit is Hello everyone I am, harmony, may be able to get a gray collection, fishing a thankless task, why bother.

peer weapon: retail customers Wang introduced by detector nonlinearity


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