Chongqing Rongchang four strokes to promote the development of innovation and Entrepreneurship

as a unique Municipality in the western region, Chongqing has attached great importance to its own development. In the double boom call, Chongqing City, the clever use of the "four strokes" from different angles, multi-faceted support for innovation and entrepreneurship.

the first trick: organized innovation and entrepreneurship competition, innovation and entrepreneurship to create atmosphere

10 20, the district launched the first science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship competition competition, integration of the elements of innovation and entrepreneurship, build a service platform for the innovative entrepreneurial team, science and technology of small and micro enterprises, innovation project cultivation and discovery mechanism. The contest set up a total of 20 awards, first prize of 30000 yuan and 3000 yuan of Innovation Innovation Fund bonds, winning projects will also give priority to a number of district level science and technology project policy support.

second trick: the establishment of a passenger space, to achieve a guest


the district has set up the first "Internet plus" as the core of the open, exchange and sharing of the ancient site of hackerspaces, space from elite to grassroots entrepreneurial groups to provide resource sharing, entrepreneurship training and project financing services.

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