Taobao 80 female shoe wealth in the bag

whether it is to open a Taobao shop or micro shop, in short, now investors are more and more. There are many stories of wealth in this industry, there are a lot of rich experience is worth to learn, especially female investors, in this era is a great development platform.

80 Taobao shop business! A female shoemaker earned 50 million 2 years! From the centre of Wenzhou City, more than and 30 kilometers south of Fujihashi Road, the road on both sides of many fields and rural housing, people who are not familiar with the needs of more than 1 hours drive. This road, born in 1988, Huang Shaoxun away for two years.

80 Taobao shop business! A female shoemaker earned 50 million 2 years! Do the low-end business, selling 4000 tickets daily shoes

finally reached the destination, but the title see "rhyme express" four words. Huang Shaoxun office in the courier company?

bypass queue neat row in front of a large truck, the six storey building cement wall is yellow Shaoxun "Yangyang shoes" office location. Soon, the reporter saw the Yellow Shaoxun, black rimmed glasses, black shorts, T Tan sunshine boy.

"Yangyang shoes" main shoes, price ranging from 15-40 yuan, two to 2 crown. In most people call personalized brand is the future trend, Huang Shaoxun insisted to do low-end shoes. Any brand needs to experience the original capital accumulation period, from the beginning to do the brand, it means to hit a lot of money." Huang Shaoxun said, "when all personalized brand products, the price is also pulled the whole crowd, but need cheap shoes still exist, this is I fill in the blank."

and express "Dahuo", "catch" packing line express line

"this line can be split up, or other activities such as the double eleven season, will direct our pipeline to take the rhyme of the pipeline, all goods can be the fastest time of delivery."

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