What are the advantages of joining 72 Street fast food

do you know why the fast food in the fast food industry in China is so popular in the 72 Chinese fast food? Do you have any idea why the 72 world fast food can quickly occupy the fast food in a short period of time? All these results are for the 72 street snack through reasonable design, let the dishes have been added to.72 street snack dishes have their own research team, can not regularly to provide consumers with new dishes series.72 street snack from the creation date, has developed four major themes, eight series, products cover the needs of the consumers aspects, soup, porridge, the staple food and so on, Goods are available in all varieties. from main dish to come. Now people become the favorite brand, then joined the 72 Street fast food brands need to how much money?

72 Street fast food franchise fee is as follows:

to 10 square meters of standard stores for example:

franchisee the first phase of fixed investment include: Join fee 8000 yuan (three years), design fees of $1500, start-up fee of $500, equipment costs 7000 yuan, renovation costs of $10000 and other costs of $2000, a total of $29000.

Description: Join margin 10000 yuan after the expiration of the contract return, it is not to do pre investment. The following cases according to the rent 5000 yuan / month, the staff of 3 yuan per person per month salary calculation / 500.

72 street snack join the following advantages:

1, kitchen advantage

fast food brand operation even if there is no ordinary we can see the need to have a kitchen, and the kitchen space, which will undoubtedly increase the entrepreneurial rents, staff also, fire protection, property more trouble. But there is no need for fast food 72 Street kitchen, simple, small operation can be.

2, chef advantage

since it is catering business, if they do not know how to cook, naturally need to hire a chef, ordinary fast food brand is to do so. The 72 Street fast food to join, because of the use of standardized cooking process, therefore, do not cook, do not know how to cook can do.

3, taste advantage

ordinary fast food brand is difficult to do, it is difficult to do for a long time, because the taste is not standard, is not stable, arbitrary large. The 72 Street fast food as a core technology, but also a unified R & D, taste stability, steady growth of tourists, suitable for fast fashion.

through the above introduction you must have joined the 72 street has a more comprehensive cost >

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