You do not earn money to join


joined the venture capital investment, if not profitable business, I am afraid it is difficult to attract investors, want to expand the business, is even more difficult. So, join the lunch money? I think this is every lunch to join the franchisees are most concerned about. So Xiaobian today to analyze, to really make money box.

, a lunch box can not store to join


should be considered in the catering industry which is unique, because it does not need to store, so many franchisees can find cheaper room to make lunch. This is the other stores catering to join the biggest expenditure, so at this point, lunch is absolutely super province to join.

two, join the lunch has more time to prepare meals

is different with all the stores catering shop, lunch orders are often by telephone or online ordering, usually 1~2 hours in advance, which gave the lunch makers more time, can make a good kind of disposable lunch box, and then do another, improve work efficiency, and the adequacy of 1~2 hours can also be used to improve the quality of lunch. Just need to do a good job in the box after the appropriate insurance, insulation can be.

three, eliminating the lunch dishes work


box is sent to the hands of customers, and then leave, therefore, do not need to configure the lunch dishes, chopsticks, natural have to clean them and worry. Of course, for the distribution of disposable chopsticks is ready.


box profit analysis

lunch itself by one-time bowl, the rice, dish are compared to the store a small amount of dishes. The lunch price stores with the price is often the difference is not large, single from this point of view, the profit is still very objective lunch.


lunch will send away disposable chopsticks, as long as the purchase of a large amount of disposable chopsticks costs will be low. Each diner reservation price is far can ignore the cost of disposable chopsticks, therefore, disposable chopsticks in the whole process cost is almost negligible.


lunch channel is very broad. Now many people do not want to go out of the office, especially in summer and winter, as well as rainy days. Lunch will join as long as propaganda in place, the network channel also spread, generally do not worry about sales problems.

although the catering market has a very broad space for development, however, the market is also very fierce competition, therefore, only the business has more advantages in business, it can easily make money. Province to earn

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