SF transformation may face the risk of ruin at a loss

With the continuous development of the electricity supplier

, courier business is also growing rapidly. Reporters learned in the investigation, the end of March, SF officially launched a one-stop "door to door" land logistics products poor transport logistics, facing the world, such as Hua Yu Nadu, Jiaji domestic road transport logistics. SF is like UPS, FedEx, transformation into integrated logistics provider, and poor transport logistics has become the key to the success of the transformation of a ring.

in the industry view, the logistics industry is in the top of the Pyramid express logistics industry started, SF conform to the trend of development, extension of the transition from the professional express company to integrated logistics, supply chain. But there are concerns that may face the risk involved in the SF freight warehouse explosion at a loss.

into the freight market


"door to door service and market" ordinary freight existing difference, there are differences in service. Xu Yong believes that the SF through differentiated services to occupy the market, this industry is worth learning. "In the freight market, the price of SF 61%~47% to Peter bongio. They are actually serving different customer groups, there is no direct competitive relationship."


Analysis of


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