Three suitable for college students to start the project

now, many college students in order to reduce the burden on the family, but also some in order to increase social experience, began to work in the school part-time, while studying, while making money, but also a certain degree of intense work experience. Here, take a look at the most suitable for college students three entrepreneurial projects!

to enter the University, what things will be standardized, handwritten report the teacher does not receive the application form must be printed, don’t understand it. Although the school is also a text printing society, but far from the hostel, and monopoly, the price is too black. Why can I get a mini text printed agency, for the benefit of students, they also earn pocket money? This idea of the students believe that many, but it really is not much more hands-on. In fact, build completely without difficulty, the cost can be controlled within 1500 yuan, need to prepare a few packets of A4 printing paper, a stapler, and equipped with a multi-function machine is done. Scheme three:

the temporary print point often to April and May, India agency business school is very good, because the senior are busy writing papers, papers, papers, each print is dozens of pages, and from the first draft to the final must make several back. The queue is recognized, but some sinister boss is still the price. Can’t you make a temporary paper printing point? In fact, the device is very simple, only one computer and printer. Computer ready, do not need to purchase, zero cost, printer, taking into account the print load will be relatively large, laser printer consumables required, cheaper, higher stability, don’t strike, that you really want to cry. To run at full capacity, each printing charges 0.4 yuan, the profit of at least one month can reach $1500, not only to earn money to buy a printer back, but also the remaining 500 yuan.

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