Crack popular business rich password

as long as the entrepreneurs want to operate the popular business, because the market is hot enough to earn more wealth, then what can attract more customers to easily shop, with good business door?

The mobile phone is

A is now chased around the street because of shop early strict management, lead people to buy breakfast is not convenient, and convenience stores are guarding the community, office building, is convenient for customers to buy; two is because these foods high profits, ordinary convenience product gross margin of only 30%, and the gross profit of more than 50% of these food above.

the other said at the same time, now the micro are very popular companies registered in Hongkong, on the one hand is to create a brand image, people generally think that something better, can be used as a publicity stunt; on the other hand, generally you will by Hongkong company name and sign the agreement on behalf of the factory house, if there are quality problems, the customer is difficult to find you, if you really go to the complaint, the responsibility can be pushed to the factory, you are taking all the brand.

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